specialty coffee roasted in the Berkshires


We roast our specialty coffee in small batches using different roasting techniques for each variety, from our lightly roasted offerings to deep and dark choices. Finely tuning these specifications helps us coax the potential flavors out of each coffee and let their best qualities shine.  

Once we receive a shipment of green (not yet roasted) coffee, we roast it as soon as possible to maintain optimal freshness. Roasting is all about knowing which flavors to extract in each coffee, and which to roast out. Just a few minutes in the oven leaves the sweet lemon and candied pecan flavor of our Brazil Peaberry intact. A lingering experience in the oven coaxes notes of roasted almond and dark chocolate to the surface in our Guatemalan Huehuetenango


It all starts with each coffee’s country of origin.

Where a coffee is grown affects taste just as much as anything else in the process. Two climates result in two different coffees, just like a Florida orange possesses different taste characteristics than a California orange. The forested Yirgacheffe region in Ethiopia is responsible for some of the finest coffee in the world, and the Doi Pangkhon region in Thailand is now making strides in the coffee world with its mild climate and ideal growing conditions. 

Farmers we trust

Organic is a popular word in the food world today, and for good reason. With so much information available to us about the harmful effects of pesticides, we are wise to big corporations finding less than admirable shortcuts to producing their goods. We know exactly how each of the coffees we roast in small batches is grown and processed before arriving at our North Adams, MA roastery. We do our homework to find small farmers whose methods we trust and coffee we want to drink. We choose coffees not only by taste, but also by their sustainability and effect on small coffee farmers. We source our coffee with regard to the small farmer who often does not produce enough coffee to afford the organic certification process. This farmer, however, takes care to produce coffee in a way that is sustainable, responsible and results in the best taste possible. We trust this farmer and love the coffee he produces, and we want to bring it to you.