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Pour overs in the Prow

Pour overs in the Prow

Tunnel City Coffee sets up a pop-up pour over bar inside Mass MoCA

If it takes four miles to travel through a museum, there’s bound to be a coffee stop along the way. About a half mile into Massachusetts Contemporary Museum of Art’s (MASS MoCA) Tunnel City Coffee brewed pour-over coffee at a pop-up stand in Building 6 throughout the post-holiday week.

Located in the Prow Gallery, visitors enjoyed a variety of pour over coffees while reading literature pertaining to the museum and its exhibits, displayed across a long wooden table.

"MASS MoCA visitors embraced the idea of stopping to enjoy a cup of thoughtfully prepared pour-over coffee,” said Sydney Lester, Tunnel City Coffee employee. “There's something special about experiencing something made just for you, and I think museum visitors appreciated what goes into making pour-over coffee, from its origins and roasting techniques, to all the different varieties that Tunnel City Coffee has to offer."

Tunnel City enjoyed its pop-up space in the elegant Prow Gallery, within the recently renovated Robert W. Wilson Building. Massive windows lit the gallery with natural light and created a tranquil scene for museum goers looking to indulge in an afternoon coffee.

“We’re often asked where the nearest coffee spot is in Building 6, a far trek from the museum lobby, so it was great to offer this new spot to patrons in need of a caffeine break,” said Rebecca Waterhouse, MASS MoCA gallery attendant.

Pour over coffee is available to order at Uptown Tunnel, Tunnel City’s newest shop inside the Williams College bookstore. Several varieties of single-origin light and dark roast coffees can be ground and brewed to order with the Kalita Wave pour-over system.

Tunnel City Coffee runs three shops in the northern Berkshires, one inside Mass MoCA, another inside the Williams College bookstore, and its flagship shop on Spring St. in Williamstown. Tunnel City operates its own roasting facility inside the historic Norad Mill of North Adams. To learn more about Tunnel City Coffee,  stop in or contact Sydney Lester at

'Soul-bending magic' in stained glass and surreal moonscapes at Tunnel City Coffee in Mass MoCA

'Soul-bending magic' in stained glass and surreal moonscapes at Tunnel City Coffee in Mass MoCA

This winter brings compelling color to Tunnel City Coffee at Mass MoCA with surreal tree and moonscapes by artist JD Logan and “soul-bending magic” in stained glass by artist Joseph Tracy

Tracy’s inspired work blends deep mystical themes with tangible elements of the natural world to build powerful narratives in glass. “I try to do bit of soul-bending magic, where the viewer feels worlds colliding and marrying,” says Tracy. “The ancient and mythic and scientific compressed into compelling interaction, the inside and outside meeting, a child-like pleasure in kinetic translucent colors and textures.” 

Logan’s playful portraits of natural figures entice from another world. “I find trees extremely interesting to observe at different times of the day and of the year,” says Logan. “They constantly change and no two are alike, much like people. In that way, to me, they have personalities of their own.”

The satellite shop of Tunnel City Coffee at Mass MoCA presents its winter art exhibition through March 2018. Art at Tunnel City Coffee at Mass MoCA and at Tunnel City Coffee at 100 Spring St. in Williamstown, MA, is available for in store purchase. Please contact Sydney Lester at with questions about art at Tunnel City Coffee. 

Tunnel City Coffee is a specialty coffee roasting company located in the northern Berkshires. Its flagship store on Spring Street in Williamstown features a full-service espresso bar, whole bean coffee, loose tea and pastry. Since its establishment in 1992, Tunnel City’s operations have grown to include a coffee bar on the Mass MoCA campus, an expanded coffee roasting facility in the Norad Mill of North Adams and Uptown Tunnel at Williams College. To purchase products or learn more, please visit or call 413.458. 5010. Follow Tunnel City Coffee:, @tunnelcitycoffee on Instagram, @TunnelCity on Twitter