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Our locations in the northern Berkshires of Massachusetts bring together small-batch roasted specialty coffee and espresso with gourmet pastry and a foundation of celebrating the community we call home.

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Mexico chiapas jaltenango
Triunfo verde co-op (microlot)

Candied pecan and lemon

The up-and-comer has arrived. Subtly sweet with complex citrus notes, this shade grown microlot from the Triunfo Biosphere Reserve proves that Mexico is a contender.


slow brew is the best brew

A reflection on fast coffee and the gentler method

Brewing slowly is the best way to brew. We know this long before the final product meets the cup, before you take that first cautious sip. It comes down to science—the surface area of the ground beans and the slow pour of water over them. 

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Get it while it's hot

Sumatra Abyssinia (MICROLOT)

Toffee, sugar cane juice and sweet pepper

This Ethiopian heirloom is produced by farmer Sabri in the Gayo Highlands. A classic heavy Sumatran with surprising sweetness.


See you at the prow

Our pop-up bar at Mass MoCA's Prow Gallery in Building 6 offers a creative selection of wines, fresh-squeezed lemonade and limited quantity microlot coffees brewed to order as pour-overs.

Open through labor day

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