Brazil Peaberry - Fazenda Gauriroba

Brazil Peaberry - Fazenda Gauriroba


Light Roast

Berry, Mild Lemon & Candied Pecan. Soft , Mild and Sweet.

Sold in 1 lb (16 oz) bags

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Fazenda Guariroba is located in the Minas Gerais State of Brazil.  The farm has ninety hectares of land dedicated to growing coffee and 20 hectares of land for natural reserve.  Over the last seven years, owner Homero Aguiar Paiva has planted outstanding coffee varieties and has invested in post harvesting processes.  In 2016, Guariroba farm was the Cup of Excellence first place winner.

Peaberry beans occur when one of the two seed embryos inside the cherry does not get fertilized and dies.  One small, dense oval pea-shaped bean forms.  Around five percent of all coffee beans harvested are peaberry beans.  They can be found in a random batch of coffee or sorted out during processing.